Will the Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Receive a PC Port?

Legend of Zelda

If you’re one of the unlucky ones who did not manage to put your hands one of Nintendo’s Switch consoles, then you’re probably wondering right now if there’s any chance to play Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild any time in the future. Well, if you are the proud owner of a PC, then we have some pretty awesome news for you. Team CEMU has recently announced that they were successful in developing a … [Read more...]

A Case of Strep Throat Caused Man to Lose Hands and Feet

the insides of an operating room

A Michigan dad is now readjusting to life after a bad case of strep throat lead to partial amputations of his hands and feet. The infection almost claimed his life, several amputations still being needed before he is completely out of the woods. Doctors Initially Believed the Man Had Pancreatitis Kevin Breen was preparing to celebrate Christmas with his family when his son developed a strep … [Read more...]

Google’s Introducing Web Streaming for E-Mails Containing Video Attachments

Gmail and video attachments.

If you’re a regular Gmail users, then you might have noticed by now that the only way to view a video attachment send to a friend or co-worker is to download the whole thing on your local drive and to open it using your favorite media player. Well, hold on to your Gmail credentials, folks, because Google has a surprise in stock for you. According to a statement released by the big kahuna of … [Read more...]

Ibuprofen Linked to Increased Risk of Heart Attack

bottle of Ibuprofen and pills

Researchers discovered that regular Ibuprofen use could raise the risk of heart attack with more than a third. The Danish team also found that Diclofenac raises the risk of heart attack with 50 percent. Now, the scientists are advocating for stricter regulations regarding the sales of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication. The Danish Team Analyzed 10 Years Worth of Data According to a … [Read more...]

Women Prefer to Watch Porn on Their Smartphones

woman holding smartphone

A recent survey conducted by the famous adult video streaming platform, Pornhub, discovered that women prefer to watch porn on their smartphones while men prefer accessing the website via laptop or computer. Women Prefer Smaller Devices Pornhub recently unveiled a series of statistics showing the kind of devices males and females prefer when accessing the streaming platform. According to them, … [Read more...]

Poachers Killed White Rhino inside French Zoo

white rhino resting in dirt

Vince, a four-year-old white rhino that spent his days at the Thoiry Zoological Park, was found dead on March 7. The endangered animal is the first specimen to fall victim to poachers inside a protected enclosure. French authorities are currently searching for the culprits. Rhino horns are in big demand on the Asian black market. The animal parts are so valuable that poachers would go to great … [Read more...]

IBM Reveals New Commercial Quantum Computers System

IBM logo on a wall

IBM has announced on March 6 that it plans to release the world’s very first commercial quantum computers service for commercial purposes later this year. The new service will be called IBM Q and it will be accessible over the Internet for a price. Basically, IBM is looking to build a cloud quantum computers service in order to facilitate the development of more performant quantum computers … [Read more...]

Mass Effect Andromeda Unveils Exploration Gameplay

Mas Effect Andromeda screenshot

The anticipation for Bioware’s upcoming RPG, Mass Effect: Andromeda is palpable for numerous gamers with only a few weeks to wait. However, the developers seem keen on keeping us engaged until then by releasing a number of trailers detailing the many features of the game. The latest such trailer involved the exploration aspect of the new game. The trailer emphasizes the fact that throughout our … [Read more...]

Overfishing Claims 90% Of Predatory Fish In Caribbean Reefs

predatory fish in coral reefs

Overfishing is one of the biggest problems affecting the oceans and seas. Due to this problem, more and more predatory fish are lost. The Caribbean Reefs are affected by the loss of predatory fish. Overfishing is disrupting the coastal economy and the ocean ecosystem. Researchers from the University of North Carolina completed a study that shows what can be done in order to save the Caribbean … [Read more...]

NASA Wants to Launch a Solar Probe in 2018

Solar probe near the sun

While most of NASA’s efforts are focused on space exploration, the organization also tries to keep a close eye and have a better understanding of all the things from outer space that can affect our planet, from an incoming asteroid to a large eruption on the Sun, which could disrupt satellites at the very least. In this regard, NASA has revealed that it plans to send a solar probe in 2018 in … [Read more...]