Brain Stimulation Can Help The Memory, But It Has Limitations

brain stimulation presentation

A new study targets the use of electricity for brain stimulation in the hopes of improving the memory. This research is trying to fill in the details left unresolved by previous ones. Now, a team of neuroscientists showed that the method could have restorative properties, but only under certain conditions. The latest research was carried out by University of Pennsylvania specialists. They … [Read more...]

NASA Spotted A New Water Plume On The Europa Moon

europa water plume

  For the second time in just a few years, NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has detected what scientists believe to be a giant water plume ejecting from the frozen surface of Jupiter's moon Europa. This second plume is smaller than the one detected by Hubble in March 2014. However, it does lead scientists to believe their speculation about data collected during the first eruption were … [Read more...]

These Antarctic Penguins Have Quite A Volcanic Past

antarctic penguins

  A careful study of thousands of years of Antarctic Gentoo penguin guano, aka "poop," shows that volcanic eruptions, rather than climate change or rising sea levels, have caused their population to drop in the past. A team of British and German researchers led by Stephen J. Roberts, Patrick Monien, and Louise C. Foster, published the results of a multi-year analysis of biological, … [Read more...]

Study Associated Graying Hair In Men With Heart Disease Risks

man with graying hair

According to a new study, men with graying hair may be at a higher risk of developing heart diseases. The scientists reached this conclusion as they studied 545 men with mostly gray hair. As they did so, they found that they posed a higher risk of developing coronary artery diseases. This new study was carried out by European Society of Cardiology researchers. They presented their results at … [Read more...]

Pebble Smartwatches Will Keep On Working Thanks To Latest Update

pebble smartwatches

Even though the company will soon dismantle, Pebble smartwatches should keep on working thanks to the latest update that is being pushed out. This should help expand the products’ lifespan for at least a little bit longer. It will do so as reduces their dependency on the Internet and cloud services. Pebble Smartwatches Will Keep On Working, But Without Some Of Their Current Services In late … [Read more...]

Best Public April Fool’s Day Hoaxes


The first day of April is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most anticipated days of the year, as this is the time of jokes, pranks, hoaxes, and, of course, settling scores with some people. While the exact origin of the celebration remains unknown, some historians believe that one of the earliest forms of April Fool’s Day could be found in the ancient Roman festival called … [Read more...]

Portsmouth Child Rushed to The Hospital After Being Hit by a School Bus

School Bus

Portsmouth authorities reported that a 6-year-old girl was recently involved in a school bus accident which took place on Friday, at approximately 8:10 am. According to the detectives in charge of the case, it would appear that the girl sustained minor injuries during the incident, and was rushed to the local Children’s Hospital as a precautionary method. No charges have been filed against the … [Read more...]

A Short Guide on How to Deal with A Mosquito – Natural Repellents


Although summer is all about fun and going to the local swimming hole to cool off, it’s also a painful reminder that mosquitos are out there, just waiting for a bite to eat. In the wake of the recent outbreak of the Zika virus, it’s very important to known how to protect your home and family during the torrid days of summer against the pesky bloodsuckers. Probably the most accessible mosquito … [Read more...]

Coke Cans Contaminated with Human Feces in Northern Ireland

Coca Cola Can

The Irish police is currently investigating how human feces contaminated an entire shipment of Coke cans produced by a Coca Cola plant in Northern Ireland. The Police Service of Northern Ireland said Tuesday that investigators found human waste in multiple cans manufactured at the Helllenic Bottling Company in Lisburn. No Affected Cans Reached the Shelves The soft drinks maker reportedly … [Read more...]

11-Year-Old Girl Ended Up with Third-Degree Burns After Making Homemade Slime

green homemade slime dripping

An 11-year-old girl from Massachusetts suffered third-degree burns on both hands after making slime during a sleepover. This was not the girl’s first attempt at making the home-made toy, the fifth-grader having made slime numerous times before, selling it at school. Kathleen Quinn Woke Up in Terrible Pain The 11-year-old girl was at a sleepover, making homemade slime with her friends as she has … [Read more...]