NJ Provides Free Baby Boxes for Newborns

baby box with child

New Jersey will give free baby boxes to new parents as part of a new program.

Despite the fact that the United States is among the most highly developed countries in the world, infant deaths still happen because of various causes. In a bid to reduce the mortality rate of babies, the state of New Jersey has decided to implement a new program which will give out free baby boxes to all newborns.

New Jersey has officially become the first state to launch a universal baby box program as a way to combat the current infant mortality rate. The program was launched this Thursday. Future parents or those with a baby younger than 3 months are eligible to take part in a short online educational program needed to receive the study box which acts as a crib for their babies.

New Jersey implemented the free baby boxes program in partnership with Baby Box Co. and the state’s Child Fatality and Near Fatality Review Board. The baby boxes are currently being distributed at the Cooper University Healthcare as well as at the Southern New Jersey Perinatal Cooperative. The boxes itself comes with a waterproof cover, a first small mattress, fitted sheet, several diapers, wipes, breast cream, and pads, as well as a onesie and an activity card. The cumulative cost of these products totals up to $150.

The Baby Box company, which is based in California, has announced that it will distribute around 105,00 free baby boxes in New Jersey alone. This number reflects the expected birth rate throughout 2017, as a way to make sure that every new parent is able to receive one if they want to.

To take part in the program, parents are required to register on the babyboxuniversity.com website. They will have to provide genuine contact information as well as their mailing address. They will be required to watch a series of videos on how to provide optimal care for their babies on aspects like sleep, breastfeeding, and other family services. The last step will be to complete a quiz, after which the parents will receive a certificate of completion.

After the parents complete the steps required by the website of the program, they can choose to either have the baby box be delivered at their mailing address or collect it themselves from a distribution partner.

Image sourceBaby Box Co.