NY Inhabitants Express Concern after The Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant Explosion

NY Inhabitants Express Concern after The Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant Explosion

New York inhabitants express concern after the Indian Point Nuclear Power plant explosion which occurred on Sunday afternoon.

Their worries are, according to the recent investigations, well-grounded as great part of the Hudson River was covered by oil slicks.

The explosion took place on Sunday afternoon 40 miles away from the New City. Recent reports confirm that no one has been hurt during the fire outburst.

New York City Governor, Andrew Cuomo, was among the first people to visit the nuclear power plant.

He told the press, on Sunday, that the reasons behind the fire ignition remain unknown for the moment. Authorities, nevertheless, expect to get more insights after the entire investigation is completed.

Based on the information they have gathered so far, the transformer exploded triggering the closure of the Unit 3 reactor. The other reactors have continued to work, without posing additional threats.

Entergy Corp (ETR.N), the administrators of the facility, declared that they have repeatedly evaluated the plant in order to prevent such casualties.

Recent data revealed that the transformer was working properly and that there were no actual threats for the employees or the New York settlers.

The company is going great lengths at present to remove the oil out of the Hudson River. The rapidity of their response is all the more important as the company is being massively criticized by the public.

Governor Andrew Cuomo has also taken advantage of the situation to stress the importance of the facility’s closure.

Cuomo repeatedly stated in the past that the nuclear power plant has to be shut down because it is too close to the New York City.

He explained his fellow governors that the facility could be a real threat for the intensely populated area. It remains to be seen whether the power plant will, indeed, be shut down now that Cuomo’s visions have come through.

“The transformer fire in and of itself was not dangerous,” further stated Cuomo. He then reinforced his position against the Indian Point transformer by adding that similar incidents could take place again in the future.

Fire fighters have helped put out the fire explosion.

According to their testimony, the facility’s structure prevented the expansion of the fire as several units automatically shut down their activity.

Authorities initially thought the fire explosion was put out, but the combustion continued for other several hours.

The Indian Point nuclear power plant was founded in the 1960s and currently holds 1,000 employees.
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