1 in 4 Americans Unaware That The Earth Circles The Sun

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Does the sun revolve around the Earth, or does the Earth revolve around the sun?

A new report released Friday by the National Science Foundation says that one-quarter of Americans are in the dark about the basic fact that the Earth revolves around the sun.

In 2012, when asked to 2,200 Americans by the Foundation, it was found that 26 percent of people believe the sun moves around the Earth. The survey is conducted every few years to check the educational progress of America.

The foundation says that’s frightening, claiming that is why this nation needs more money invested in teaching science in school.

To add to the worsening statistics it was revealed that “Fifty-two percent of Americans had no idea that humans evolved from animal species”  and about half participants believed astrology is a legitimate science

When asked whether the universe began with a huge explosion or not only 39 percent answered correctly.  Surprisingly only 51% knew that antibiotics don’t kill viruses.

However about 90% of respondents were keen about science, and 1 in 3 thought it should get a hold of more government funding.

  • Jack Wolf

    Looks like all the Christian conservatives got their way. Too bad we all pay by losing our technical edge in the global markets.

  • free classy porn

    Considering there were 313 million people in the US in 2012, I find it ironic that the National Science Foundation considers this extrapolated data an accurate representation of an entire country’s knowledge. Was this a poll or a study? Were they participants or respondents? How old were they? They could have done this study with a few sets of third graders.

  • Averyius

    The Americans as far as education is concerned have always been the laughing stock for us Europeans. People frequently talk about American idiots, American morons etc. They are seen as being dreadfully ignorant. Very friendly people, Usually very nice people. But incredibly naive. Most or many of us have relatives in the USA and I for one am a great fan of the USA and love it and above all I and many Brits and other Europeans are eternally and infinitely grateful to President Roosevelt and the American servicemen and women and people for helping to win world war two and defeat the evil enemy.
    However if a people insist upon being backward with their quality of education for everyone, not just the rich and wealthy, they will remain ignorant. Comprehensive education must be truly comprehensive and not be dependant upon money and unequal funding. Your federal government should do just that: GOVERN! Not just talk and let the local people decide about education and the capitalists. It´s no wonder that a relatively primitive Land like China is practically as wealthy as the USA. Their people get an education, no matter how poor they are. They will take over the world one day. Mark my words and then we will have another, third, world war!!!

    The religious fanaticism in the USA, this stupid and ignorant mumbo-jumbo, superstition that the Bible is truly the word of some God, that there was a real person called Jesus (historically unproven and logically, not likely) and that biological evolution is rubbish and that we were created some 5000 years ago by some God just as we are now (southern states of America), is also polluting the little brains that Americans seem to have. Amazing that the USA can send men to the moon and develop advanced technology etc.(using German and foreign scientists).
    It was your religious bigotry which caused the “Mississippi Burning” murders and other such KKK savagery! You people need to be more differential and objective in your thinking. More down to Earth practical. Use Science. Investigate your religion and the (actually Jewish!!! Bible) and the origins and evolution of Middle Eastern and European Mythology i.e religion, using history and archaeology and not stupid bigoted and blind “belief” in something! Just because the Preacher and Mummy and Daddy say it is so! Use your brain and think for yourself!
    The USA could potentially continue to be the wealthiest and most powerful country if your government improves education vastly. Otherwise they should start teaching Chinese in the schools right now.