Utah aims to have a more educated workforce by 2020

Utah is leaving no stone unturned to improvise the education system of the state. A new state report says, Utah is making progress in achieving its target of providing counselors to middle or high school students.

The state has planned to have at least one counselor for every 350 middle or high school students. The state aims to have 66 percent of adults with post-secondary degrees or professional certifications by 2020.

Currently the state has around 700 school counselors. Utah aims to have a more educated workforce by 2020. According to the report, even as school districts and charter schools in the state managed to meet the minimum state standard for the first time this year, 88 secondary schools still fall short.


Sources say, Governor Gary Herbert has sought the Legislature to put $2 million more into school counseling next year.

The role of counselors is becoming necessary in the present condition. They are playing significant role in upgrading the overall performance of the students.

Moreover, they are also playing important role in checking the drop-outs by offering a helping hand to students with mental health issues such as depression, feuds, suicide or eating disorders.

As per the state guidelines, counselors must possess master’s degrees with training in both academic and social counseling.