Nextdoor – A Network Designed To Make Neighborhood More Interactive


West Valley City: Are you throwing a birthday bash? Do you want to raise an issue in your neighborhood?

All you need to do now in this socially connected world is just go to and create your profile. Nextdoor, a private social network, is making West Valley City people spread the word out quickly to their neighbors, including those whom they haven’t been much familiar with.

West Valley has set up Nextdoor websites for 25 neighborhoods where residents can discuss online about community events, safety issues, sales, lost items, neighborhood enhancements and other topics. The discussion can also include those living in surrounding neighborhoods.

It is the choice of the neighbors, how much information they want to reveal on their personal profiles. The individual sites are password-protected and can be accessed only by residents, who must verify their locations and sign in with their real names. Members may also be communicated via dropping private messages directly through their profile pages. Personal e-mail addresses need not to be revealed. Other verification techniques includes verifying addresses through a credit-card billing number or home-phone number.

The information on Nextdoor is not shared with any third party not even West Valley administrators, except for the one in their own neighborhood.

About 400 West Valley residents from 330 households have signed up on the free system, which was launched in October, according to Craig Thomas, the city’s assistant director of neighborhood services.

Nextdoor, based in San Francisco, California, is a team of 65 people passionate about building stronger and safer neighbourhoods by helping citizens strengthen local ties and enrich neighbor-to-neighbor communication.

In Utah, there are more than 200 Nextdoor sites in 48 cities.