New blood biopsy to detect early onset of heart attacks

According to a research published by the ‘Journal Physical Biology’, the heart attack patients will be soon detected of their future strokes through blood tests.

Scientists have developed a new “fluid biopsy” technique which identifies specific cells as markers in the bloodstream and predict early onset of heart attacks.

The blood biopsy procedure is called HD-CEC (High-Definition Circulating Endothelial Cell).


Scientists say the heart patients or those who are at high risk have a unique cell that floats in their circulatory system. These unique cells will help in identifying the people who are going to have this attack compared to healthy one.

For the study, they took 111 patients, which consisted of 79 previous heart attack, 25 healthy individuals and 7 were being treated for other vascular disorders.

The technique is developed by a group of researchers at the Scripps Research Institute.

Lead author Peter Kuhn said the research aimed at establishing evidence that these circulating endothelial cells can be detected reliably in patients following a heart attack and do not exist in healthy controls.

Presently, there is no predictive test that accurately identifies the heart attacks.