Josh Romney Aids Crash Victims

Mitt Romney’s son Josh said on Friday that he arrived first on the crash scene of a SUV carrying four family members to a home in Holladay, Utah on Thanksgiving night.

Romney said that following his Thanksgiving dinner with his parents and family, he drove with his wife and children back to his home. After exiting at 4500 South from I-215 South, he came to a stop.

At that same time, a vehicle that had been traveling at a high rate of speed passed his car narrowly missing it crossing over the intersection and crashing into a home located directly across the street from the exit.

Romney said he drove over to the accident scene and went into the house where the car had stopped in the kitchen. He opened the vehicle door and spoke to all four passengers. All four he said appeared to be okay with no visibly major injuries.

He helped each one of them out of their vehicle and onto the ground.

The young Romney said he was grateful no one had been seriously injured and glad he had been there to help the people in the accident. He told reporters that he only did what anyone else in that same situation would have done.

Romney also posted a tweet about the crash on Friday morning along with his picture standing beside the vehicle that had crashed. In his tweet, he said he arrived first at an accident, helped four people out of a vehicle and all were thankfully okay.

The SUV driver, who is 44 years of age had exited the I-215 highway onto the 4500 South and did not make a stop at the stop sign. He instead traveled across the intersection and into the house facing the exit.

The accident left the home inhabitable said police, but thankfully, no one in the home suffered any injuries. The SUV driver suffered only minor injuries.

The police did confirm on Friday that Romney had in fact been at the scene of the accident and had helped to take those in the crash vehicle out to safety.