Mother Says Flu Shot Killed Son

A mother from Utah said an autopsy was not needed to check on the reason for her son’s brain swelling that eventually led to him dying. Sandy Webb said her son died due to the flu shot he was given.

Webb said her son, who was 19, died last week after spending close to one month in a coma.

Webb said late last week she believes her son died due to a bad reaction to a flu vaccination he was given October 15, one day before he fell dramatically ill.

The shot was part of her son Chandler’s routine physical he was given after deciding he would go on a Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints mission.

Webb’s doctors would not discuss the case. Officials from the public health department emphasized how safe the vaccine is, with serious side effects being very rare.

Webb’s mother said the direct cause of her son’s death had been brain swelling. She said her family was angry because they believe the vaccine caused the swelling.

No autopsy was performed with the reasoning being a brain autopsy would be sufficient to determine the young man’s death.

In all six neurologists treated the young man in Murray, Utah at the Intermountain Medical Center. The tests they performed checked for ailments from West Nile Virus to Lime disease to STD’s but nothing was found as a cause for his sickness.

A spokesperson for the Medical Center said the hospital was barred from speaking about individual patient cases. The Health Department for Utah said the state knew about the case, but was not able to verify the cause of Webb’s death.

Serious side effects said officials are quite rare. Some 130 million nationwide have the vaccine, close to 50% of all Americans, each year.

Of the total that have the vaccine close to 1,000 have some form of reaction and approximately 140 or less than .0001% of all those immunized report side effects that are serious.

Though scientists have staunchly supported the vaccines as well as their important role in the health of the country, they have become a controversial topic of late. Webb said she had been aware of concerns about the vaccine.

  • R. Kimberly

    Since they insist on putting either Mercury, or aluminum in these and other vaccines, I refuse to take them. They are specific vaccines for “A” specific virus, and can even weaken the immune system against other viral, and bacterial infections. I will take my Vitamins C, D3, K2, E, and zinc, and Fish, and Krill oils., and lots of water daily. I have not had the flu, or any of the little viral infections that have been going around. I have been around people with severe flu symptoms, and have not gotten it. The Big Pharmaceutical barons can keep their poison crap.

  • Ken Conrad

    Yes indeed pharmaceutical companies are granted immunity from liability while the individual who experiences a side effect gets chronic immune malfunction, permanent disability or death!!!

    For those who experience a side effect the risk is 100%.