Hamas Militants Suspected of Slaying Israeli Teens Found and Killed


A West Bank hideout was stomped by Israeli Special Forces on Tuesday in search of the two Palestinian fighters suspected to have abducted and slain three Israeli teenagers in June. The gruesome attack triggered a series of responses that ultimately led to the start of the Gaza war this summer. The two Palestinians were found and killed, which ended one of the most important manhunts that Israeli … [Read more...]

Syrian Aircraft Shot Down by Israeli Military


A Syrian aircraft was shot down on Tuesday according to the Israeli military, after the aircraft had allegedly “infiltrated into Israeli airspace.” A patriot air-defense missile was used by the IAF to intercept the aircraft in midair. The Sukhoi-24 Syrian fighter jet was detected at 8:57 AM by Israel’s Air Force, just as it was crossing into the country’s air space over the Golan Heights. Accordi … [Read more...]

NIH Offers $10 Millions Extra to Counter Gender Bias in Lab Studies

Counter Gender Bias

The US National Institutes of Health decided to step up and tackle the gender imbalance in clinical research. Around $10 million will be awarded to up to 82 research centers across the US to provide incentives for laboratories to go beyond the male biased approach. The 82 applicants already received NIH funding for their research, but the health organization decided to supplement the initial … [Read more...]

SEC Pays $30 Million to International Whistleblower

International Whistleblower

The Securities and Exchange Commission will reward an anonymous whistleblower with $30 million. The tipster living abroad helped the SEC to discover a large financial fraud. According to a new rule aimed at incentivizing whistleblowing, the SEC will give a significant proportion of the money collected to the tipster after the investigation is over. The SEC had its powers increased in 2010, when … [Read more...]

Scientists Produce Waterproof Adhesive Inspired by Mussels

Waterproof Adhesive Inspired by Mussels

The animal world is a constant source of inspiration for scientists working on developing new materials. For instance, geckos have amazed people for centuries with their ability to walk on vertical surfaces. By discovering the mechanism at the base of geckos’ super power, researchers may at one point develop wonder materials. Until then, scientists managed to develop a new adhesive solution i … [Read more...]

Healthy Lifestyle Drastically Reduces Heart Attacks, Study Confirms

Healthy Lifestyle Drastically Reduces Heart Attacks

Once again, researchers stress the fact that environmental factors are highly important in determining our health status. More precisely, this time they looked at what causes the first heart attacks in the case of men. Lifestyle is so important that healthy choices end up reducing the risk of having a heart attack by around 80 percent. Swedish researchers from Institute of Environmental … [Read more...]

Ex-Microsoft Chief Wants Users to Once Again Enjoy Talking on the Phone

Ex-Microsoft Chief Wants Users to Once Again Enjoy Talking on the Phone

Ray Ozzie is a tech world veteran. The former Microsoft employee is in the back of important collaborative software. Lotus Notes e-mail and the collaboration program Groove are his two previous large scale projects. Now, after more than 35 years of experience in the field, Ozzie launches a personal project that may end up changing the way we think about the phone part in our smartphones. Ozzie … [Read more...]

Autism Risk Influenced by Dietary Supplement Intake during Pregnancy


A new study suggests that dietary iron supplements during pregnancy may play a significant role in influencing the baby’s risk of developing an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Data from a recent study has linked mothers of autistic children to a significantly lower consumption of dietary iron supplements before conception and during the pregnancy as opposed to mothers whose children had been d … [Read more...]

WHO Warns that Ebola Cases Could Reach 20,000 by November


A World Health Organization report suggests that the number of current Ebola cases in West Africa could quadruple to over 20,000 by November if monumental efforts aren’t made to hinder the transmission of the hemorrhagic fever. According to the researchers who published the study in the New England Journal of Medicine, the West African outbreak could become an endemic among the countries c … [Read more...]

U.S. and Allies Begin Airstrikes against ISIS in Syria


A torrent of cruise missiles as well as precision guided bombs rained over Syria early Tuesday, as the United States and its allies began airstrikes against ISIS targets on Syrian territory. The attacks were targeting the town of Raqqa, located along the Iraqi border, believed to be the capital of the extremist group. American fighter jets as well as Predator and Reaper drones flew alongside … [Read more...]