Security Breach at the White House


Hilarious as it may be, the Secret Service is currently under intense scrutiny after not being able to apprehend a man who hopped the White House fence, before he reached the front door. The President and his daughters had just left the White House on Friday evening when the man decided to scale the north fence and dash across the lawn, towards the presidential residence. This security breach … [Read more...]

3D Printer Arrives at International Space Station


After the 3D printing era has begun on Earth, astronauts are now preparing to bring one of these printers to the International Space Station, so that in the future, they won’t have to crank out spare parts in order to fix their spacecraft. Instead, they will simply print the part they need. Produced by a Northern California company called Made in Space, the 3D printer will be sent to the I … [Read more...]

New York Gets Ready for UN Climate Change Summit

New York Gets Ready for Climate Change Summit

Climate change has been linked to human activity by virtually the entire scientific community. The main concern is that the changes will affect our lives in the coming decades through a number of concrete manifestations following the constant temperature increase. To combat the dangerous effects determined by climate change, a number of international large scale meetings have taken place in the … [Read more...]

Number of Women Screened for Breast Cancer Gene Doubled after Angelina Jolie’s Announcement

Global Summit To End Sexual Violence In Conflict

Health news may be more important than previously thought, as they can trigger a chain reaction people’s behavior. When Angelina Jolie announced last year in May that she took a test to find out if she has a gene that raised the risks to develop breast cancer, it was widely covered by the press. Jolie was fully aware that her announcement, followed by a double mastectomy performed in order to e … [Read more...]

Progressive Cupich to be Next Chicago Archbishop

Next Chicago Archbishop

Since Pope Francis was appointed the new Pope, the Catholic world has seen a massive change in Vatican politics. In one and a half years, the Argentinian Pope signaled a turn from the conservative political discourse of Pope Benedict XVI to a more socially progressive stance. Francis’s message was that the Catholic Church must focus on the social and economic inequalities. In such a short time, F … [Read more...]

New Study Claims Antidepressants Cause Changes in the Brain within Hours


Until recently, scientists had believed that antidepressant use should have been carried on for a minimum of 4-6 weeks until significant improvement was noticeable. A recent study, however, suggests that even a single dose of a specific antidepressant can trigger great changes in the brain within hours. Co-author Dr. Julia Sacher together with her research team at the Marx Planck Institute for … [Read more...]

The French Join the Fight in Iraq and Destroy Dozens of Jihadists and Munitions Facility


What Obama’s predecessor couldn’t accomplish, occurred on Friday when the French joined the fight in Iraq. Airstrikes began as France sent out two Rafale fighter planes. The aircrafts were armed with laser-guided missiles that completely destroyed an ISIS munitions depot and annihilated dozens of ISIS extremists. France has become therefore the only coalition country to respect its promise of ac … [Read more...]

Nose King Dinosaur Discovered in Utah

Nose King dinosaur

  This summer has been extremely rich from a paleontological point of view. A wide range of announcements included the largest birds that ever flew and the only known swimming dinosaur. Now, Utah unearthed fossil convinced scientists they have discovered a new dinosaur species they named Rhinorex condrupus. Rhinorex literally means ‘nose king’. Yes, you got it right, this dinosaurs had one … [Read more...]

Treaty Banning Military Action in Ukraine Signed


A memorandum has been created by Kiev together with self-defense forces, attempting to finally and effectively put an end to the battle in eastern Ukraine. After peace talks in Minsk, the memorandum not only creates a buffer zone, but also requests a retreat of troops and bans any military aviation flights over the area. According to Leonid Kuchma, former Ukrainian president, the signed … [Read more...]

Alibaba Valued at $231 Billion after 39 Percent Increase

Alibaba Valued at $231 Billion

It finally happened! The Chinese trading company Alibaba held its IPO at the New York Stock Exchange. Alibaba, the creation of Chinese English teacher Jack Ma, dwarfs both Amazon and eBay with its massive sales revenue. The company, which was founded in 1999, now covers around 80 percent of the massive Chinese online sales market. Alibaba’s IPO was so large that NYSE had to perform extensive t … [Read more...]