Small Drone Crashed on White House Grounds

drone crashed on white house grounds

Secret Services have revealed that a small drone crashed on White House grounds early Monday morning. The President and the First Lady were not inside the White House, but on a visit to India. The only information that the secret services have released is that the drone that had crashed was a 2-foot quadcopter that they deemed to be harmless. The brand of the drone isn’t known just yet and t … [Read more...]

Baby Born Without Eyeballs in Arizona

baby born without eyeballs

In Arizona a baby was born without eyeballs and his mother Kelly Lopez didn’t have any indication throughout her pregnancy that her baby boy had any health issues, let alone missing eyeballs. The baby was born three months ago in Mesa, Arizona and a few hours after birth his mother noticed that he wasn’t opening his eyes. At 13 days old, the Richie Lopez had an MRI done and Mrs. Lopez and her fam … [Read more...]

Facebook Launches Facebook Lite App for Low-End Mobile Devices

facebook lite app

Facebook has launched Facebook Lite app, which is a stripped-down version of the giant’s mobile app. The Facebook Lite app has just the essentials to allow for Facebook browsing and it is aimed at market users with low-end mobile devices. When the news hit that Facebook had launched the Facebook Lite app, many were doubtful of the authenticity of the application, but Facebook confirmed today t … [Read more...]

Fish Is Beneficial for Pregnant Women, Scientists Discovered

fish is god for pregnancy

It was previously believed that pregnant women must stay away from consuming fish because it wasn’t good for the unborn baby. According to a new study, pregnant women can actually benefit from eating ocean fish and it’s also good for their babies. A team of scientists found that women who consume ocean fish during pregnancy benefit from a special compound called n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids. … [Read more...]

New Study Shows Many Breast Cancer Patients Don’t Know Much about their Condition

breast cancer patients

A new study shows that many breast cancer patients don’t know much about their condition and its state. The study was published in the journal Cancer and it also reveals that minority women are less likely to report information about their condition than white women. This is believed to be the first study ever to be performed with the purpose of finding out how much breast cancer patients u … [Read more...]

Scientists Develop Technique to Unboil Eggs

technique to unboil eggs

Scientists have developed a technique to unboil eggs and believe that this new and groundbreaking method will help to reduce costs for cancer treatments and aid further protein research. A team of scientists from the University of California, Irvine has discovered a technique that allows them to unboil egg whites. Gregory Weiss, a professor of chemistry, biochemistry and molecular biology at … [Read more...]

Michael Davidson, Surgeon who Was Shot Laid to Rest

surgeon who was shot

  Michael Davidson, the surgeon who was shot by the son of a patient, was laid to rest on Friday. More than a thousand people had gathered to pay their respects to the doctor at the Temple Beth Elohim in Wellesley, Massachusetts. Doctor Michael Davidson was a cardiac surgeon at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. He comes from a family of cardiologists: his father is Doctor R … [Read more...]

Uber, Lyft Drivers Don’t Need Industrial License Plates, DMV Says

Uber, Lyft Drivers Don’t Need Industrial License Plates

The California Division of Motor Vehicles has reconsidered its decision and revoked the requirement for industrial license plates for corporations like Uber, Lyft. This new press release came on Saturday at 12:01 AM after immense outrage from both ride-share companies and their supporters. It’s during this press release that the DMV announced that Uber, Lyft Drivers Don’t Need Industrial License Pl … [Read more...]

Doomsday Clock Now Ticks 3 Minutes Closer to Midnight (+Video)

Doomsday Clock Now Ticks 3 Minutes Closer to Midnight

Earlier this week, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists’ board members decided to raise warning flags concerning the world’s nuclear arsenal situation as well as the lack of international involvement in the matter of climate change. They moved the minute hand of the Doomsday clock. Consequently, the Doomsday Clock now ticks 3 minutes closer to midnight, at 11:57 PM. Apart from climate change an … [Read more...]

NASA Reveals Crystal-Clear Image of Andromeda (+Video)

Crystal-Clear Image of Andromeda

With the help of the Hubble Space Telescope, NASA managed to obtain a crystal-clear image of Andromeda, our galaxy’s closest neighbor, located 2.5 million light years away. This breathtaking photograph was released during the 225th meeting of the American Astronomical Society and is the largest and most detailed such picture to date. In fact, the image is so large that you would require 600 H … [Read more...]