Cochlear implant through gene therapy may treat auditory problems


Gene therapy may prove beneficial in a long run as the Australian scientists have predicted that it will help in treating hearing problem with cochlear implants. The researchers carried study on deaf guinea pigs. During the study, study author Gary Housley and colleagues discovered that while inserting genes in the cochlear implant area and passing [...]

Antartica Iceberg Video – Six Times Bigger than Manhattan

Greenland The Ice Puzzle

Believe it or not!!! The scientists have come across an iceberg which is roughly six times the size of Manhattan, one of the largest iceberg. The reports say the giant iceberg, B31, broke off from an Antarctic’s Pine Island Glacier last November and presently is heading into the open ocean. According to NASA glaciologist Kelly [...]

Utah fight song in new avatar as new lyrics proposed


The famous Utah fight song will come in a new avatar now as it is going to get new lyrics. The changes in the lyrics have not still got official nod but sources say the approval is likely to arrive soon. Earlier this week, the student government organizations in Utah voted in favor of changing [...]

FDA moves a step ahead in regulating electronic cigarettes


In a major development, the federal government has decided to regulate the use of electronic cigarettes among minors by banning them, besides making approval for new products and health warning labels mandatory. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not immediately enforced the changes for the modern smoking devices but has initiated the first step [...]

Utah nurse resigns over offensive FB post about Taongans


A cardiac nurse of University of Utah Health Care, who posted an offensive comment about Tongans on social networking site Facebook, has resigned. The nurse, who is identifies as Todd Shrum, had worked at the hospital since May 2009. On Tuesday, in an interview Shrum committed posting the phrase “Tongan trash…kill them all” on Facebook. [...]

Massachusetts couple welcomes 14.5 pound baby girl


A Massachusetts couple welcomed a baby girl on Wednesday that weighted 14.5 pounds. Caroline and Bryan Ruscak welcomed their bundle of joy, Carisa, who weighted 14.5 pounds, the biggest infant to be delivered at Massachusetts General Hospital in 12 years. Carisa was delivered via caesarian section. The Ruscaks had expected a big baby as their [...]

Congo Rain Forest may lose its greenery, says study


In a glaring exposure, the scientists have found that the forests of Congo River basin in central Africa is losing its greenery due to years of drier conditions. Average rainfall in the region has been declining for several decades. Scientists say this may not be a consequence of climate change but a part of a [...]

Study on Y Chromosome discards threat on men survival


The crucial ‘Y chromosome’that determines the gender of a child is not only responsible for the male gender but it plays a very important role in their survival. The study is seen as a major breakthrough as it has discarded a general belief that men are at risk of dying. A new study carried by [...]

O’Neill family raises $500,000 online aid for ailing 4-year-old daughter


The O’Neill family is among the fortunate ones whose cause gets global support. They had made a video for making an online appeal to the philanthropists who help them in their fundraising campaign, which was launched to save their 4-year-old Eliza from the fatal disease she was born with. The family had never thought that [...]

Monkeys are good at mathematics, says study

Obese Rhesus monkey is seen at Ohama park in Sakai

In a study that could help scientists trace the origins of humans’ mathematical skills, the researchers at Harvard University Medical School taught three rhesus monkeys with 26 distinct symbols, which included Arabic numerals and 16 letters, to understand their learning and grasping ability. Each symbols taught to the monkeys were associated with a reward (drops [...]