New Magnifying Glass Spotted by Hubble


Astronomers can now see back as far as 9.6 billion years thanks to Hubble’s new discovery: a lensing galaxy that is the most distant cosmic magnifying glass we’ve found to date. Because a lensing galaxy is so massive, it bends gravity, distorts light from the objects behind it and magnifies. Recently, the NASA Hubble Space [...]

Free Internet in Zambia via Facebook App


Facebook, thanks to its project has taken another step in helping those who still have no access to the internet by launching an App in Zambia. For those Zambians who subscribe to the Airtel phone company, will provide access to several basic internet services free of charge. Data charges will not be incurred [...]

Border Crisis Bill Short-circuiting Obama


Today has been extremely chaotic as Republican Leaders have tried to gather up a majority for the bill regarding the border crisis. Initially, the bill was abandoned and Republicans sent lawmakers home, but moments after, they changed course and revisited the legislation. After the planned vote was cancelled abruptly by house leaders, they revisited the [...]

FDA Oversight Granted to Genetic Testing for Therapy Match-Making

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Up till now, genetic tests that would predict diseases or match cancer patients to appropriate therapies or drugs haven’t been strictly regulated by the FDA. A proposal issued on Thursday has stated that these tests should be attentively regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. What the proposal suggested is that the FDA would review [...]

Ebola Outbreak Declared while the WHO Launches a $100 Million Initiative


Since the Ebola outbreak began in February, 729 people have died out of the total of 1323 that were infected. As a result, the World Health Organization has decided to launch a $100 million response plan meant to combat the deadly outbreak that is wreaking havoc throughout West Africa. The United Nations agency declared that [...]

Sierra Leone President Declares Health Emergency Because of Ebola


Sierra Leone’s president, Ernest Bai Koroma declared a state of emergency Wednesday, because of the largest outbreak of the Ebola virus in history. He drafted in security forces and placed movement restrictions to combat the spread of the deadly virus. He also canceled a programmed visit to the USA for a U.S.-Africa summit next week. [...]

CIA Director Offers Apology for Senate Computers Search

CIA director offers appology

John O. Brennan, CIA Director, has just offered an apology to the leaders of the Senate Intelligence Committee after an investigation revealed that the CIA employees searched computers used by committee staff to review classified files about interrogations of prisoners. This doesn’t come as a shock, because the CIA and the SIC have been accusing [...]

George W. Bush Has Written a Biography of his Father

George W. Bush Has Written a Biography of his Father

Former President George W. Bush has many other skills besides painting, as he has written a biography of another member of the famous Bush family – his father, George H.W. Bush, 90. According to the Crown Publishing Group, the book will be released in the US and Canada in print and digital formats on November [...]

Two-time champion Serena Williams is Up and About Again!

Two-time champion Serena Williams is Up and About Again!

Serena Williams, 32, is up and about again, as she made her return Wednesday in a WTA event at Stanford University. She has finally recovered from the Wibledon incident earlier this year, when a women’s double match, where she was playing together with sister Venus, had to be stopped because of Serena’s strange condition. She [...]

$1.27 Billion in Damages to be Paid by the Bank of America

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Wednesday was the day of reckoning for the Bank of America as it was ordered to pay $1.27 billion in damages over their defective mortgages. Its Countrywide Financial unit sold these defective mortgages and through this ruling, the government is finally rolling in a win. As this decision was made public, the Bank of America [...]