Arizona Court Refuses to Stop Execution of Joseph Wood

Joseph Wood

The Death Penalty was always considered a cruel means of dealing with delinquents, and executions have not become easier to deal with in the past decades. A recent case has surfaced in Arizona. It seems that the Arizona Supreme Court lifted the brief stay of Joseph Wood’s execution, on Wednesday. This man argued about the constitutionality of [...]

Another G.M Recall for Over 800.000 Cars


General Motors has been going through a rough patch in the past year. It has reached a total of 60 recalls for over 29 million vehicles around the world. On Wednesday, the company announced another series of recalls, which expands beyond the ignition switch defects which have been causing problems since the start of the year. This time around it [...]

BRRAT Director Laboratory Resigns after Exposing Employees to Live Anthrax


Last week, a U.S. director of the government bioterror lab supposedly exposed employees to live anthrax. The U.S. Center of Disease Control and Prevention declared, on Wednesday, that he has resigned. Michael Farrell, the lead of CDC’s Bioterror Rapid Response & Advanced Technology Laboratory (BRRAT) from Atlanta, was reassigned from his former position after the agency disclosed [...]

The United States Plans on Implementing New Regulations for Oil Transport


Do you remember the train accident that happened last year in Quebec? In that tragedy, the train exploded, and the fireball killed 47 people and completely destroyed approximately 40 buildings in its way. The injured civilians ran away in fear and panic. Naturally, the United States wants to make sure that things like this never [...]

James LeBron Sent Cupcakes to all His Neighbours

James LeBron Sent Cupcakes to all His Neighbours

Now he’s back in Ohio, LeBron James wants to make sure he’s as involved as his nexts would expect him to be. So he sent cupcakes to all his neighbours. James, who is currently in China, bought the property back in 2003 and built a 30,000-square-foot mansion on the land. The decision he had to [...]

Victims of the MH17 Crash are Heading Home

Victims of the MH17 Crash are Heading Home

The first of the MH17 crash are heading home. A Dutch military transport plane carrying the first 16 coffins with the remains of some victims of the downed Malaysian airliner took off on Wednesday. The plane flew from the eastern Ukrainian city of Kharkiv for the Netherlands, which is holding a day of mourning for [...]

CDC Says the Next Pandemic Could Be Antibiotic Resistance

Next Pandemic Could Be Antibiotic Resistance

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has a way of inflicting panic in the population and today, they’ve managed to do it again. Director of CDC, Tom Frieden, said at the National Press Club luncheon that the next big thing, pandemic-wise, is going to be antibiotic resistance that transforms normal disease-causing bacteria into [...]

Last Washington Mudslide Victim Found

Washington Mudslide Victim

Search teams are working hard in Washington State and it seems that their efforts are giving results. The teams have found the remains of a person who appears to be the last Washington mudslide victim, which took place in March and took the lives of 43 people. The Snohomish County Sherriff’s Office have said that [...]

Gun that Killed Cop Linked to Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s Friend

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s gun

The gun that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev used to kill a police officer after the Boston marathon shootings was finally linked to the terrorist’s friend. The question of where did the young man get the gun has been on everyone’s mind ever since the tragedy. The question might have finally been answered, because yesterday a man was [...]

Weapons Still Being Sent To Ukrainian Separatists by Russia


In spite of President Vladimir V. Putin’s attempt to calm the situation concerning the downing of flight MH17 in eastern Ukraine, it seems that Russia is still strongly supporting the pro-Russian rebels. Shipments of arms have not ceased to take place despite the fact that the entire world is watching Russia closely due to its [...]