SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket launched successfully


SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket was successfully blasted off from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station on Friday, defying a bleak weather forecast. “The rocket flight was perfect as far as we could tell,” SpaceX chief executive Elon Musk told mediaperson soon after the launch. Ending a series of delays that was caused due to several technical [...]

Utah mom who killed her seven stillborns never visited hospital for delivery

utah mom

39-year-old Utah woman, accused of strangulating her seven infants soon after birth, has admitted that she gave birth each time in her home, authorities said. During investigations, Megan Huntsman revealed that she did not go to a hospital to deliver her babies, Pleasant Grove Police Capt. Mike Roberts said. However, if anybody helped her while [...]

FDA gives green signal to Ragwitek to treat pollen allergies, hay fever


The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has given its green signal to Ragwitek, an allergen extract, to treat short ragweed pollen induced allergic rhinitis or hay fever. The drug, administered under the tongue, helps in treating hay fever (with or without conjunctivitis) in those in age group 18 and 65. Ragwitek contains an extract from [...]

Mysterious jet spotted on Iranian soil registered to Bank of Utah


A mysterious jet that was spotted this week at an airport in Tehran has been found to be registered to a Utah bank through an arrangement in which the bank serves as a trustee for aircraft owners. The plane is owned by the Bank of Utah, a community bank in Ogden that has 13 branches [...]

Autopsy of seven Utah infants killed by mom completed


The autopsies of seven stillborn babies, who were brutally murdered by their mother and stuffed inside a cardboard box in Pleasant Grove garage, were completed and the reports were likely to be submitted with the police and Utah County prosecutors on Monday. The postmortem was conducted by the Utah State Medical Examiner’s Office. Police Capt. [...]

Now, Wikipedia to get flu-related data for you

flu season

A research team at the Boston Children’s Hospital has developed a methodology that will use the internet traffic on flu-related articles available on Wikipedia to track the rise and fall in flu levels in the United States. During the study, the researchers found that the newly developed tracking system was delivering the information two weeks [...]

Bullying badly affects children in later stage of their life


A new study has made some glaring exposures about bullying and its long time impact among children. The study conducted by King’s College London found that the effect of bullying in childhood is evident nearly 40 years later. For this new research, the researchers used the data collected during the British National Child Development Study [...]

Bizarre discovery: First ever female insects with penises and males with vaginas found


In an obnoxiously bizarre discovery, the researchers have discovered rare insect species in the caves of Brazil with sex-reversed genitals. It means females have penis-like organs and males have a vagina-like opening into which females insert their organ during mating. This is not the end to this weird discovery, these insects even mate for an [...]

NASA’s Kepler telescope detects Earth-like planet in habitable zone


The US space agency NASA has been constantly searching for life on other planets. Finding a ray of hope in this regard, the astronomers have discovered an earth-like planet orbiting the habitable zone of a cool star. The scientists have detected an Earth-sized planet, called Kepler-186f, using the planet-hunting Kepler Space Telescope. Kepler-186f is part [...]

Twitter to beat Facebook by offering mobile ads via MoPub


Micro-blogging site Twitter and social networking giant Facebook are moving neck-and-neck as far as their services are concerned. Be it the introduction of hash tags or trending topics, Facebook and Twitter are leaving no stone unturned to beat eachother in terms of popularity. In this row, Twitter has started offering mobile ads to the advertisers [...]