Southwest Airlines Could Face $12 Million Fine

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Improper repairs on its aircraft will now cause Southwest Airlines to have to pay $12 million in government fines imposed by the Federal Aviation Administration. On Monday, an FAA spokesman made the information made public that the FAA has proposed the $12 million sum. This is the second largest fine ever proposed, after the $24,2 [...]

Utah QB Travis Wilson Receives Underage Drinking Citation


The Salt Lake City Tribune reported last week that the Utah junior quarterback Travis Wilson was set to be cited for drinking while below the legal age. The underage drinking citation was sent to the 20 year-old athlete after an incident that took place Friday evening in Salt Lake City. Wilson was found by the [...]

Two Americans Infected in Worst Ebola Outbreak Ever

Two Americans are Infected

Two Americans have become infected with Ebola in Liberia. The present Ebola outbreak is the largest and worst the world has ever seen. Several West African countries are affected and the death toll is 672 and growing. On Saturday, Nigeria confirmed that it was the latest country to confirm their first death by the Ebola [...]

Dinosaur Extinction Blamed on “Bad Luck” and “Bad Timing”

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The journal of Biological Reviews has recently published a new study stating that prehistoric animals could, in theory, have survived the asteroid that caused the extinction of dinosaurs millions of years ago if that asteroid hat not hit at that precise moment. Researchers said that the world was hit as it was in flux. They [...]

The Black Boxes from Crashed Air Algerie Plane Headed to France

crashed air algerie plane

It has just been announced that the black boxes from the crashed Air Algerie in Mali last week will be sent to France for further analysis, it was announced by the French Embassy in Mali. The officials are preparing the process of identifying the remains of the people who died in the crash. The first [...]

Tornado Wreaks Havoc in Boston


On Monday, a tornado that emerged from the storm system that has been wreaking havoc across eastern America, has reached Boston. Here, the tornado caused extensive damage, ripping roofs off buildings and uprooting countless trees in its wake. The tornado began moving through the Boston area after 9 AM and caused serious damage. Deputy Fire [...]

Risk of False Memories Increased by Lack of Sleep

Risk of False Memories Increased

There have been past studies that have found that lack of sleep can lead to memory loss and can even cause it. Now, the results of a new study from the University of California-Irvine and Michigan State University have been made public and it seems that sleep deprivation can lead to the development of false [...]

Liberian Borders Shut because of Ebola Outbreak

Handout of Dr. Kent Brantly of Samitan's Purse relief organization in Monrovia

After the largest Ebola outbreak has caused countries like Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea to find new resources to deal with the issue, on Monday, Liberia announced that it will be closing its borders. At the same time, the government will be trying to convince citizens of the gravity of the crisis. The virus started [...]

Israel Raid Takes Place on “Truce” Day


Monday brought with it new fighting as Palestinian fighters crossed from the Gaza Strip and ended up into an Israeli village. There, a gun battle was fought in spite of the Muslim Eid al-Fitr festival (which should have represented an unofficial truce day). During this armed clash, five gunmen were killed according to Israeli television. [...]

Lightning Strikes Venice Beach, Kills 20-Year Old

Lightning Struck Venice Beach Killing a 20-year Old

Lightning struck Venice Beach killing a 20-year old. The man died Sunday after a lightning struck 13 people at the popular Los Angeles beach. The man was taken from Venice Beach and pronounced dead at the Marina Del Rey Hospital Sunday afternoon, Los Angeles County coroner’s Lt. Larry Dietz said. Among the seven others who [...]