Interstellar Dust Clouds Big Bang Gravitational Theory, BICEP2 Was Wrong (+Video)

Bicep2 was wrong

The much-hyped gravitational wave theory of the Big Bang has recently been deflated, as it turns out that the BICEP2 was wrong. Scientists will now have to return to the drawing board in order to truly determine what the exact cause of the Big Bang was. The theory in question was based on the existence of a series of ripples in space-time that had, supposedly, been detected. Astronomers … [Read more...]

Serious Disagreements Between Scientists and Public Where GMO’s Are Concerned

Serious Disagreements between Scientists and Public

The public has always held scientists’ opinions in high regard. This is one of the reasons why, despite wide criticism of the government’s role in particular fields, support has always existed for government investments in research. But it seems that there is one matter in which researchers and the public don’t see eye to eye. What a recent study came to show was that, when comparing the views of s … [Read more...]

Humans and Neanderthals Really did Interbreed, Shows New Evidence

humans and neanderthals

Scientists have known for some time that humans and Neanderthals have lived side by side, but the evidence for this, while present, was scarce. Now, a new piece of evidence was discovered that supports the theory that humans and Neanderthals really did mate and produced offspring. The results of this study were published in the journal Nature. A human skull that dates back over 55,000 years ago … [Read more...]

CU-Boulder to Design Space Telescope 1000 Times Sharper than Hubble

CU-Boulder to Design Space Telescope 1000 Times Sharper than Hubble

Researchers from the Department of Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences at the University of Colorado Boulder are currently working on an improved version of space telescope that could provide space images nearly 1,000 times sharper than those provided by long-running Hubble. The new space telescope, dubbed the Aragoscope, is named after a French astronomer called Francois Arago. The new … [Read more...]

AAA Will Offer Free Tows on Super Bowl Sunday

AAA Will Offer Free Tows

Good news for anyone who plans to drive their car on Super Bowl Sunday: AAA announced on Thursday that it would offer free tows to drivers who drink, so that they can get home safely after the game. The news that AAA will offer free tows on Super Bowl Sunday has cheered up thousands of sports fans. AAA even has a name for this program and it is Tipsy Tow. The Tipsy Tow program isn’t new, in f … [Read more...]

Facebook’s Place Tips Gives Location Info to iOS Users

Facebook's place tips

Facebook has been testing a new feature for iOS users called Place Tips. Facebook’s Place tips is a feature that is very similar the service provided by popular apps such as Foursquare and Yelp. This feature is going to provide relevant content about the location of the user for as long as they are in that location. It does this through pop ups on the news feed page of their Facebook a … [Read more...]

Patient Tested for Ebola at the UC Davis Medical Center in California

Ebola at the UC Davis Medical Center

Right now, a patient is being cared for and tested for Ebola at the UC Davis Medical Center in California, U.S. The information was released to the public today by the Medical Center’s spokesperson, Dorsey Griffith. The patient was coming from Mercy General Hospital in Sacramento. He was transferred to the UC Davis Medical Center simply because the medical center is a priority hospital for t … [Read more...]

NY Blogger Raises $1 million for a Brooklyn School’s Harvard Trip

NY Blogger Raises $1 million for a Broklyn School’ s Harvard Trip

In early January, Brandon Stanton, a NY blogger, started a crowfunding campaign for a Brooklyn school that wanted to send its students to visit Harvard to show them that no college was beyond their reach. The campaign was an instant hit. The initial goal was $100,000, but within days people donated more than $1 million. Nadia L. Lopez, the founder and principal of the Mott Hall Bridges Academy … [Read more...]

SpaceX Releases Short Video about Its Reusable Rocket Project

SpaceX Releases Short Video about Its Reusable Rocket Project

The Space Exploration Technologies Corporation (SpaceX), a private spaceflight company commissioned by NASA to ferry goods from Earth to the International Space Station (ISS), recently released a short animation film describing how space rockets would get recovered after their mission is over. The video features Falcon Heavy, a larger type of space rocket than the current Falcon 9 version, that … [Read more...]

Genetically Modified Mosquitos Might be Released in Keys

genetically modified mosquitos

Genetically modified mosquitos could be released in the Florida Keys. This could happen if researchers win approval for use of these GMO mosquitos against two viral diseases. Insects with modified GMO haven’t been released in a U.S. residential area before, so the release of these genetically modified mosquitos could be a first and also a drug to cure a disease. Executive director of the F … [Read more...]