Man Attacks NYPD Cops with Hatchet, Police Shoots Him Dead

Man Attacks NYPD Cops with Hatchet, Police Shoots Him Dead

The New York City police shot and killed a man who attacked two officers with a hatchet. The attacker hit a rookie police officer in the back of the head and another in the arm. Both officers are in stable condition. Officer Kenneth Healey, 25, has a “very serious injury to the backside of his head,” said William J. Bratton, the police commissioner. The other officer, Joseph Meeker, 24, will soo … [Read more...]

Facebook Allows Anonymous Posts, Introduces Rooms App

Facebook Allows Anonymous Posts, Introduces Rooms App

In the beginning there was chaos and anarchy. Some people loved it, but others were uncomfortable with Internet trolling and the great unknown. Then came Facebook with the solution to change Internet interaction and civilize virtual behavior. To attract people to the network, Facebook used one simple tool, identity. A Facebook profile requires real formal identification. Translating real identity … [Read more...]

Child Pornography Accusations Befall Former Louisiana Mayor


The former mayor of Sorrento, a small Louisiana city was arrested on Thursday on 40 counts of child pornography possession, prosecutors said in a statement. The arrest followed a joint cybercrime investigation conducted by state and parish law enforcement officials. According to Steven Hartmann, spokesman for the Louisiana State Attorney General’s office, the investigation involved a joint e … [Read more...]

Over 1,500 Athletes in North Carolina University Scam


A recent academic scandal has appalled a nation that takes pride in the quality of its educational system. More than 1,500 athletes at the University of North Carolina took part in bogus classes and received inflated grades over a span of almost two decades. At least nine employees were fired or were placed under disciplinary review following an investigation released on Wednesday that showed that … [Read more...]

Amber Vinson is Ebola Free, Big Pharma Teams-up To Make Vaccine


Authorities have confirmed that doctors can no longer detect the Ebola virus in Amber Vinson’s blood samples. Additional tests should be conducted, as doctors usually do several tests in consecutive days so that a false negative result is ruled out, however, both the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Emory University Hospital officials confirmed that Ebola was no longer detectable on T … [Read more...]

7-year-old Boy Killed by Ice Cream Truck, Driver Attacked by Residents


A tragic accident unfolded on Wednesday evening in south Los Angeles as a 7 year old boy was killed after being hit by an ice cream truck. His mother and residents, who has witnessed the events attacked the truck’s driver. According to South Los Angeles police, the boy was riding his bicycle alongside the ice cream truck when it slipped and landed under the truck’s wheels. Officer Nuria Ven … [Read more...]

Vintage Functional Woz-made Apple-1 Sold for $905,000

Vintage Functional Woz-made Apple-1 Sold for $905,000

It’s not every day that we see museums fighting over a 38-year-old object. But this is exactly what happened when a rare functional Apple-1 computer was sold at a Bonhams History of Science auction in New York City. The Henry Ford bought the computer for $905,000, more than double of what the organizers were expecting. The second most expensive functional Apple-1 ever sold was bought in May 2013 f … [Read more...]

Mystery of Dinosaur with Horrible Hands Solved

Mystery of Dinosaur with Horrible Hands Revealed

Deinocheirus mirificus, meaning “unusual horrible hand”, was one of the greatest mysteries in the world of paleontology. What researchers knew until now about the dinosaur that lived around 70 million years ago was that it had incredibly long arms for a bipedal creature. The name came after a group of researchers discovered two 8-feet long fossilized arms equipped with terrifying claws in the Mo … [Read more...]

Credit Suisse 3Q Profit More than Doubles

Credit Suisse

The second-largest Swiss bank, Credit Suisse, reported a surprisingly profitable third quarter. With a profit of 1.025 billion Swiss francs ($1.07 billion), the year-over-year figure has more than doubled. During the third quarter of 2013, the bank recorded a profit of 454 million francs. While the results signal an ascending trend, Credit Suisse CEO maintains a cautious attitude regarding the … [Read more...]

Nokia Rejuvenated after Dropping Phone Unit

Nokia Rejuvenated after Dropping Phone Unit

Selling the phone business to Microsoft in April seems to have been a wise decision for Nokia. The third quarter figures show that the company is now again profitable. Moreover, Nokia’s revenue exceeded the analysts’ expectations. Rajeev Suri was appointed Chief Executive Officer in May, after the transaction took place, and he already proves that the board took the right decision. Nokia’s highl … [Read more...]