ISS 3D Printer Produces First Part in Space

ISS 3D Printer

A 3D printer produced its first piece on the International Space Station, a milestone for space exploration. The printer reached the ISS in September on board of a Dragon cargo capsule operated by SpaceX. The 3D printer produced by Made In Space, a California-based start-up, was installed by Commander Barry “Butch” Wilmore on Nov. 17 and was soon calibrated. ISS researchers had to test the tec … [Read more...]

Dutch Researchers Invent Device to Minimize Pain During Mammography

Mammography Device

Having the breast mechanically compressed during a mammography is a painful procedure that causes distress to women who need to receive a diagnosis. In the same time, the technique is crucial in the effort to detect breast cancer at an early stage, when the disease is highly treatable. Fortunately, Dutch researchers found a solution to the problem, they devised a device with adjustable … [Read more...]

Ransoms Important Source of Income for ISIL, UN Expert Reports

ISIL kidnap

According to UN expert Yotsna Lalji, the Islamic State gained between $35 and $45 million dollars in ransom payments in 2013. Lalji, who monitors sanctions against Al-Qaeda, detailed the information during a U.N. Security Council’s Counter-Terrorism Committee on Monday, AP reports. According to Lalju, the group received approximately $120 million between 2004 and 2012, but the recent number r … [Read more...]

School Lunches Healthier than Bagged Lunches, Study Shows

School Lunches Healthier than Bagged Lunches, Study Shows

The latest nutritional studies show the importance of school meals. According to the researchers, school meals often have higher nutritional quality than the meals packed by parents. Moreover, in schools where breakfast is offered in the classroom, school attendance rates are higher compared to other situations where children have breakfast in other locations. Children are more likely to eat their … [Read more...]

Ancient Silk Road Tombs Discovered in Northwestern China

Silk Road Tombs

Chinese researchers discovered a series of tombs along Silk Road, the ancient commercial routes between China and the Roman Empire. The cemetery is located in Kucha a northeastern Chinese city. Ten tombs, out of which seven are larger brick structures, have been unearthed by archeologists in 2007, but the results have initially been published in a Chinese journal. The English translation was … [Read more...]

Female Gray Wolf 450 Miles Away from Her Home Found

Female Gray Wolf 450 Miles Away from Her Home Found2

On October 27, a lonely mysterious grey wolf was photographed by the Arizona Department of Game and Fish (ADGF) staff near the Grand Canyon, on the Kaibab Plateau. Conservationists said it would be the first time since 1940 that anyone had seen a wandering living grey wolf nearby Grand Canyon. At first, ADGF employees had no idea what kind of wolf this was. They noticed it had a radio collar … [Read more...]

Alzheimer’s and Schizophrenia Cause Unveiled

Alzheimer’s and Schizophrenia Cause Unveiled

A recent research led by a group of British scientists showed that degeneration of one particular neural network located within the grey matter region of the human brain results in schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s disease. This specific brain network, scientists found, is the last part of the brain to develop and the first one to degenerate due to aging or early life disorders. The team of r … [Read more...]

Como Zoo Baby Gorilla Dies Several Days after Birth

Como Zoo Baby Gorilla

Como Zoo announced that the baby gorilla born last week has died. It was the first baby for Alice, a 12 years old gorilla, as well as the first gorilla born in captivity at Como Zoo in the facility’s 55 years of gorilla conservation and care. The baby’s father, Schroeder, 29, has been at Como Zoo since 1991. On Saturday, the baby seemed to be in good health. Zookeepers said the baby was voc … [Read more...]

Horrific Prank on Autistic Kid

autistic kid horrific prank

  Three teens were ordered to do community service and write apology letters to an autistic kid’s family, after dumping a bucket filled with urine, tobacco and spit on him. A 15-year old kid was assaulted by his classmates in Bay Village, the Cleveland Suburb. The kid, who suffers from autism, was tricked by his “friends” to participate in the ALS Ice bucket Challenge, the challenge desi … [Read more...]

Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson Not Indicted in the Killing of Michael Brown

Darren Wilson Not Indicted

A St. Louis County grand jury declined to indict white police officer Darren Wilson, 28, for the six shots fired into Michael Brown, which ended in the 18 year old's death. The case had been closely followed after the confrontation on Aug 9th, sparking riots in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson. Brown's family's lawyer, Benjamin Crump, was informed "The jury was not inclined to indict on any … [Read more...]