Microsoft Kills Nokia, Hello Microsoft Lumia!

Microsoft Kills Nokia, Hello Microsoft Lumia!

Microsoft decided to drop the Nokia brand and continue with Microsoft Lumia. The decision is not a surprise, as recent hints clearly indicated the move. Nokia was once the most powerful name in the mobile phone industry. The name of well-built models such as Nokia 3310 lives on. But the company had not made the right decisions when the smartphone market began to blossom. While Symbian was an … [Read more...]

Rare Northern White Rhinoceros Dies, Species Almost Extinct

Rare Northern White Rhinoceros

The northern white rhinoceros are on the verge of extinction now that one of the last two breeding males has died. Suni was 34 years old when he died at the 90,000-acre Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya on October 17. An autopsy will reveal the cause of death, but the reserve believes he died because of natural causes. Poachers were certainly not involved in Suni’s death, as the animal was constantly … [Read more...]

Delaware Teen Found Guilty of Raping High School Colleague

Delaware Teen Found Guilty of Raping

Eighteen-year-old Jocori Scarborough of Delmar was found guilty for five counts of accusations by the Wicomico County jury. Scarborough is guilty of second-degree rape, as well as of false imprisonment, second-degree assault, reckless endangerment, and disturbing or threatening a student, USA Today notes. Every accusation head is related to the rape of a Parkside High School colleague on May … [Read more...]

Ebola Vaccine Available Soon

Liberia Races To Expand Ebola Treatment Facilities, As U.S. Troops Arrive

The Geneva, Switzerland-based World Health Organization chose two Ebola vaccines as the most promising candidates in the fight against the deadly virus. One of them, called rVSV, is developed by the Canadian National Microbiology Laboratory in Winnipeg. GlaxoSmithKline, a British pharma company, makes the other promising vaccine, ChAd3. Either way, we will have an Ebola vaccine available … [Read more...]

North Korea Releases American Prisoner Jeffrey Fowle

Jeffrey Fowle

In a move that surprised everyone, the North Korean authorities released Jeffrey Fowle, an Ohio municipal worker who was arrested in April on charges of proselytism. Fowle is already on his way back home. The North Korean government proposed a time frame when Fowle can be picked up. The DoD sent a plane that took Fowle to Guam, where a major US military base is located. Religious life in North … [Read more...]

Magnetic Pole Reversal Threatens Earth


Although magnetic field shifts are considered to be old news, it may not be so far-fetched to believe that a pilot looking down at the plane controls might suddenly realize that the magnetic North is located somewhere over Antarctica. According to scientists, approximately 800,000 years ago, the magnetic north had indeed hovered over Antarctica and their calculations estimate that a flip could be … [Read more...]

Are Hoverboards Still Science Fiction?


While there are numerous things that can hover, from helicopters to hovercrafts, there has been one thing that both engineers and movie enthusiasts have waited for: a hovering skateboard, much like the one in “Back to the Future Part II.” Although it is fiction and depicts the vision of screenwriters who created the concept about Marty McFly, who flees bullies by floating on his skateboard, the … [Read more...]

DNA Particularity Protects Hispanic Women from Breast Cancer


A recent study suggests that women of Latin American descent have a DNA trait that protects them from developing breast cancer. Scientists investigating the ethnic biology of cancer announced on Monday that their research showed that fewer Hispanic women developed breast cancer throughout their lifetimes and that fewer patients of Hispanic origin died from it once developed as compared to women … [Read more...]

New Study Finds that Eating More Fish Will Make Antidepressants Work Better

Eating More Fish Will Make Antidepressants Work Better

A new research has revealed that increasing the intake of fish, especially fatty fish, will improve the response rate among patients with depression who are not responding to antidepressants. Did you know that up to half of depression patients do not respond to SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor) antidepressants? For them there is little left to do in terms of treatments. Now, the … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 Phablet Available at AT&T from October 24

Samsung Galaxy Mega 2

The new Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 will be available at AT&T starting with October 24. The latest Samsung phablet is already on the market in East Asia, but the South Korea producer just brought it to the U.S. The first Mega model was released during the summer of 2013. The first Mega had one gigantic 6.3 inches display. That is the ‘mega’ part of the smartphone. Hardware specs were less imp … [Read more...]