People Who Sleep More than 8 Hours Boost their Stroke Risk, Study Shows

People Who Sleep More than 8 Hours Boost their Stroke Risk, Study Shows

British researchers found an unexpected link between sleeping more than the recommended eight hours and a significantly heightened risk to suffer a stroke. According to the study results, people who slept more than eight hours had a 46 percent increased stroke risk over the next decade than people who got a six to eight hour night sleep. However, although scientists weren’t able to decipher t … [Read more...]

Dangerous Bacteria Found in Doctors’ Offices

dangerous bacteria found in doctors' offices

A new report released by the government shows that 450,000 Americans with Clostridium difficile, a dangerous bacteria found in doctors' offices. Experts from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) explain that the overuse of antibiotics is the trigger for almost all reported cases of infection with C. difficile. Usually, the bacteria lurks in hospitals, attacking in-patients a … [Read more...]

Facebook Feature Seeks to Prevent Suicide


Facebook Inc. is getting ready to release a new feature for their social network, a sort of suicide watch for their distressed members. The new Facebook feature seeks to prevent suicide among its users, providing various options. Suicide has been called the disease of loneliness and isolation and it was about time that such a large company started to offer help for the people who are liable to … [Read more...]

FBI Arrested Three Men Trying to Join ISIL

FBI Arrested Three Men For Trying to Join ISIL

FBI arrested three men trying to join ISIL, the terrorist group activating in Syria, as reported on Wednesday by the U.S. authorities. One of them, Akhror Saidakhmetov from Kazakhstan, age 19, was arrested in New York at the John F. Kennedy International Airport, where authorities stopped him from boarding on a plane to Turkey, en route for Syria. The second defendant, Abdurasul Hasanovich Ju … [Read more...]

Scientists Totally Puzzled by Ceres’ Mysterious White Lights

Scientists Totally Puzzled by Ceres’ Mysterious White Lights

After a white blotch was immortalized by NASA’s Dawn probe in January, Ceres holds more surprises. Sharper images beamed by the spacecraft show that the mysterious spot consists in two separate but dim lights. Yet, our most capable astrophysicists have no clue what Ceres’ mysterious white lights may be, but they have a bunch of theories. Ceres, which is the largest space object in the ast … [Read more...]

Google AI Learns How to Beat Human at Video Games

Google AI

Google reports fascinating news in the artificial intelligence department: their Google AI program can now teach itself to play video games. DeepMind is an AI company based in London, property of Google since last year, has created Deep Q-Network with the ability to learn new strategies of acing at Atari 2600 video games. The program uses two coordinates as input information: the score and the … [Read more...]

WHO Urges Europe to Vaccinate Against Recent Measles Outbreak

Stock Photo

On Wednesday, the European branch of the World Health Organization called for more measles vaccination campaigns across the continent after the recent measles outbreak caused the infection of 22,000 people since the epidemic broke in 2014. Zsuzsanna Jakab, the European head of the U.N. health agency, stated that she was shocked of the high number of cases reported from seven countries, which th … [Read more...]

FCC Fights Again for Net Neutrality Regulations

net neutrality regulations

On Thursday, the Federal Communications Commission is scheduled to decide on the landmark regulations which will provide an uninhibited flow of online traffic. This is FCC's third attempt of passing net neutrality regulations, and it’s also the boldest one. There is a hot debate around the so-called net neutrality, since almost everyone agrees that the Internet shouldn’t be changed. The compe … [Read more...]

Apple Must Pay $533 Million for iTunes Copyright Infringement

Apple Must Pay $533 Million for iTunes Copyright Infringement

Apple must pay $533 Million for iTunes copyright infringement, as settled by a federal jury gathered on Tuesday. Apple Inc. was found guilty of using in the iTunes software some of the patented inventions of Smartflash without permission. On one side of the trial, Smartflash LLC sought $852 million in damages, while on the other side Apple valued the damages at $4.5 million at most. The federal … [Read more...]

Controversial Three-Parent Babies Approved by House of Lords

three-parent babies

Great Britain is now the first country to approve the use of DNA from three people for babies conceived through in vitro fertilization (IVF). The majority of the members of the House of Lords have voted in favor of the controversial three-parent babies whose DNAs come from two parents and a mitochondrial donation. This law change was caused by a recent research showing that the risk of … [Read more...]