Psychosocial Therapy Reduces Suicide Attempts Rate

Psychosocial Therapy Reduces Suicide Attempts Rate

One of the most widespread myths about suicide is that, if it gets talked about, people would get encouraged to commit it. A recent World Health Organization (WHO) report shows this is simply not true. On the contrary, talking things out helps people who are in a life deadlock find alternative solutions to extreme measures. Another myth about suicidal behavior is the fact that most people … [Read more...]

Spell book from Ancient Egypt Decoded by Experts

spell book from Ancient Egypt decoded

A spell book from Ancient Egypt has been deciphered by experts. The codex contains several spells for different purposes. Researchers are not quite comfortable with calling the codex a spell book, so they use another name for it, the “Handbook of Ritual Power". However, the handbook contains twenty seven spells with a large range of action.  The language used in the book is Coptic, an Egyptian d … [Read more...]

Apple Starts Massive (Red) Campaign to Fight AIDS

Apple Red Campaign

Apple decided to take this year’s World AIDS Day campaign to another level. The Cupertino-based company will run a two-week campaign to raise funds for the fight against the deadly disease. Apple will join (RED), a brand founded by Bono and Bobby Shriver in 2006 with the aim of raising awareness about the African AIDS crisis. “Apple is a proud supporter of (RED) because we believe the gift of li … [Read more...]

New Steps towards an Asteroid Early-Warning Network

New Steps towards an Asteroid Early-Warning Network

In September, during a workshop hosted by Secure World Foundation (SWF), several experts discussed strategies to get the International Asteroid Warning Network (IAWN) moving. IAWN’s prime goal is to discover, monitor and warn governments about dangerous near-Earth objects (NEO) using optical and radar devices located on Earth and in space. In 2013, the whole world saw how real an astronomical c … [Read more...]

EU Approved Signifor, Novartis’ New Acromegaly Drug

EU Approved Signifor, Novartis New Acromegaly Drug

On Monday, Signifor – Novartis’ newest drug aimed at treating a rare hormonal disorder called acromegaly – was approved by the European Union. Signifor is now available in 27 European member states, including Iceland and Norway. An application for Signifor’s approval had been also currently filed in the US. The European Commission’s approval for Novartis’ new acromegaly drug was mainly based on … [Read more...]

EU Plans to Break Up Google’s Operations Next Week

EU Plans to Break Up Google’s Operations Next Week

After a four-year official investigation on Google, the EU Parliament plans to force the internet giant to separate its search engine operations from its moneymaking businesses in Europe by adopting a non-binding resolution next week. EU chose to break up Google’s operations in Europe after a series of complaints coming from its competitors who said Google was “squeezing them out” in the web searc … [Read more...]

Pico do Fogo Volcano Erupts: Evacuation in Progress

pico do fogo volcano eruption 2014

  Pico do Fogo Volcano first erupted Saturday evening. The volcano is situated in the Cape Verde archipelago, in the Republic of Guinea-Bissau, on the West African coast. The prime minister ordered the evacuation of one of the villages. It is not an usual thing for this volcano to erupt and this blast is considered to be the biggest one in decades. The eruption not only caused the e … [Read more...]

Hunting Accident in West Windsor: One man dead

hunting accident in west windsor

A hunting accident in West Windsor leaves grieving family as a 45 year old geese hunter died after accidentally shooting himself in the head and neck. First report indicated that the elder man was actually behind the killing, accidentally shooting his son in the head. However, the local authorities later revised the report and said that the man actually shot himself. The 45-year-old victim … [Read more...]

FCC Airwaves to be Sold for over $34 billion

auction for airwaves reaches $34 billion

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) auctioned a wireless spectrum license and the bids reached $34 billion. This is the biggest auction in the FCC’s history. A total of six blocks of airwaves was set for auction and companies have started biding for them since Friday. The auction has currently reached $34 billion, three times more than the last auction conducted by the FCC, back in 2 … [Read more...]

#ThanksMichelleObama: Students Disgusted with School Lunches


High school children across the United States have started tweeting pictures of their school lunches on Friday, thanking the first lady for what they view as uneatable food. #ThanksMichelleObama is the hashtag that has trended Twitter this weekend, alongside unsightly school lunch pictures, which some wouldn’t feed to their dogs. Michelle Obama has long attempted to fight the increasing trend o … [Read more...]