Advocacy Group Claims Shrimp Mislabeling is Very Common

Shrimp Mislabeling is Very Common

Advocacy group, Oceana, released a report today in which it claims that shrimp mislabeling is very common and that 47% of the shrimp served in restaurants in the Washington area were misrepresented to the people who chose to consume it. Oceana obtained 15 shrimp samples from restaurants in the Washington area and it was revealed following a plethora of tests, including DNA tests, that seven of … [Read more...]

Tim Cook- Successful and Proud to be Gay


Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook has just confirmed in an opinion piece on Thursday that he is gay, while publicly advocating for human rights and equality. Cook published an essay in Businessweek, saying that Dr. Martin Luther King represents a source of inspiration, citing the famous quote: “Life’s most persistent question is ‘What are you doing for others?’” "While I have never denied my sexuality, I h … [Read more...]

Researchers Create Miniature Stomachs from Stem Cells

miniature stomachs

Stem cells are hailed as the founding elements of tomorrow’s medical research and practice. Scientists produced another definite proof that stem cells, a type of prespecialized cells that can adapt to various roles, are the key to devising new ways of tackling old health problems. Researchers created miniature stomachs out of stem cells. The gastric organoids are basically stomachs in their e … [Read more...]

Utah Family of 5 was Killed by Poison, Police Suspects

Utah Family of 5 was Killed

On September 28, 2014, a Utah family of 5 was killed; they were found dead in their Springville, Utah home and up until now, nobody knew what killed the family. Yesterday, it was revealed by the police that it is very likely that the Utah family of 5 was killed by poison. The media obtained courts documents yesterday that revealed the Strack family were covered in bedding and had cups of red … [Read more...]

Lenovo Acquired Motorola for $2.91 Billion

Lenovo Acquired Motorola

Lenovo has just completed the acquisition of Motorola, it was announced by the PC maker today. Lenovo acquired Motorola for $2.91 billion and thus continues its expansion into the smartphone market. Lenovo announced its plans to buy Motorola from Google back in January, and now Lenovo acquired Motorola for a cool $2.91 billion. Lenovo is famous for their ThinkPad line of personal computer and … [Read more...]

Are Low-Carb, Ketogenic Diets a Possible Epilepsy Treatment?


Epilepsy is quite difficult to treat and especially difficult to manage as a patient, so doctors are constantly attempting to find possibilities of better handling its symptoms. A recent review of five studies has analyzed the effects that a low-carb, high-fat (or a ketogenic) diet may have on controlling difficultly treated epilepsy. The modified Atkins diet focuses on foods such as bacon, … [Read more...]

Six New MERS Cases Identified in Saudi Arabia


Late on Wednesday, health officials in Saudi Arabia announced that they had detected six new cases of MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome). These six cases were identified in under 24 hours, which represents the biggest daily jump for several months now. Officials are blaming lax hospital procedures for this surge in cases, which now total 32 since the beginning of October. Most cases … [Read more...]

Girls’ Efforts to Join Islamic State Stirs Community Fears


Three suburban Denver girls attempted to join the Islamic State in Syria, authorities say, and in so doing, caused their close-knit African community to fear whether their own children would be also lured to terror. In fact, many have been mystified by this voyage, and among Aurora’s Somali and Sudanese immigrants, the effects were even more troubling. These immigrants found new lives in Denver … [Read more...]

NASA Orbiter Discovers LADEE Moon Probe Crash Crater


Earlier in 2014, after completing its mission, the NASA LADEE moon orbiter was intentionally crashed into the lunar surface. Now, several months later, the NASA Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter was sent to take photographs of the LADEE probe final resting place, on the moon’s far side. A small crater is all that remains. The Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer, LADEE, was launched in S … [Read more...]

Spaceweather in the Focus of Researchers


Significant research has been conducted in the attempts of explaining the physics behind space weather and the geomagnetic storms it causes. Our solar system’s star regularly hurls millions of tons of plasma gas towards Earth, as solar wind, which then acts by buffeting the magnetic field protecting our planet. What is important is that this solar wind can be the cause of geomagnetic storms so p … [Read more...]