Weekly Unemployment Plunges Yet Again

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Last week, unemployment claims plunged again to an astonishing low of 284,000 (lowest in the last eight years) which leads experts to the conclusion that the labor market is slowly but surely solidifying. After the level of people receiving unemployment benefits was revised last week by the Labor Department, the number of people that were [...]

Death Row Christian Woman Finally Leaves Sudan


Mariam Yahya Ibrahim was sentenced to death for apostasy in Sudan when she married a Christian American, after being turned in to the authorities by her relatives. She converted from Islam to Christianity (as she was raised by a Christian mother after she had been left by Mariam’s Muslim father) and when she was asked [...]

Seattle Seahawks Sidney Rice is Retiring


Seahawks wide receiver Sidney Rice, 27, is retiring from the NFL. The announcement was made Wednesday. Rice played seven seasons and has made this decision as a result of an injury-filled career that included issues with concussions. “I was just thinking about things I’ve been through in the last few years,” Rice said. “I’ve hit the [...]

World’s First Malaria Vaccine Submitted for EMA by Glaxo

First Malaria Vaccine

It’s almost here! The world’s first malaria vaccine was submitted for European Medicines Agency (EMA) by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). The company applied for regulatory approval of a malaria vaccine that is still experimental. This request is part of a process in which the European Medicines Agency evaluates a product that was made by an EU member [...]

What Does Space Feel Like for Astronauts?

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NASA has begun a new training program with four astronauts who have been thrown into what is called a habitation module. This habitation module is, in fact, a tin can sitting underwater, on the seafloor, off the Florida Keys , in which the four lucky astronauts will be spending nine days together. According to NASA, [...]

New Plane Crash as Another Aircraft Disappears from Radar

A Swiftair MD-83 airplane is seen in this undated photo

It seems that in recent days, aircrafts have a tendency of disappearing from radars. This was also the case of flight AH0571which disappeared from radar over the Sahara on Thursday. Bad weather caused the Air Algerie flight that was on route from Burkina Faso to Algiers to disappear from radar for over 50 minutes after [...]

2.2 Billion People are Poor or Near Poor

2.2 Billion People are Poor or Near Poor

According to the 2014 Human Development Report released in Tokyo on Thursday by the United Nations Development Programme, more than 2.2 billion people are “poor or near-poor.” It appears that 85 richest people have as much wealth as the 3.5 billion poorest, the United Nations said. The UNDP report has been published annually since 1990. [...]

Botched Arizona Execution Lasts Two Hours

botched arizona execution

An execution went wrong on Wednesday in Florence, Arizona, as a convicted murderer took almost two hours to die after he was administered the lethal injection. This botched execution has prompted the governor to order an investigation into the matter and the State Supreme Court to order that all utensils and materials used during the [...]

Another Plane Disappears from the Radar Carrying 116 People

Plane Disappears from the Radar

This morning an Air Algerie flight to Algiers from Burkina Faso has disappeared from radar. The official Algerian news agency said that the flight was carrying 116 people and the disappearance happened over Sahara. France 24 TV reported that French Transport Minister Frédéric Cuvillier stated that it is very likely that many of the passengers [...]

More and more AT&T Clients Prefer Paying for their Phones


AT&T is one of the major mobile phone carriers in several countries, especially the US. At present, more and more customers are considering the paid plans for their mobile phone purchases. In other words, instead of paying for a device up front, they prefer to pay smaller sums every month. This is great news for the [...]